A few of our Services

Removing Weeds

Weed Control

PA1/PA6 Certified

Everyone's favourite! 

We clear weeds manually, chemically and by flame! 

Restoring your patios, drives and borders allowing healthy plant growth. Weeding will never be a chore.


Lawn Mowing

Town House to Country Estate

As a one off or part of a regular maintenance visit.
Using our own equipment (appropriate to your lawn up to a ride on if needed.)  or your own if you prefer.

2017-07-15 22.16.55.jpg

Garden Clearance

Complete Garden Recovery

Has your garden, work yard been left fallow? 
If so call us!
We can quote to remove hedges, beds, lawns, shrubs or complete gardens.
We have tools and expertise to get what might seem an impossible task completed quickly and thoroughly.



5 Plants to 5000

Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! As a professional Gardener, I bring my experience and know-how with me on every job. But what really sets my services apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

Fall Leaves
Shovelling Snow

Leaf Clearance

Clearing the air (well drive, car park etc)

From October thru December we offer leaf blowing and leaf clearances.
From small gardens to large commercial sites we can meet your needs.
Where possible we encourage clients to recycle collected leaves back on to borders or other suitable areas.  However, we can take away all leaves collected as requried.

Seasonal Maintenance

Tidy whatever the weather

Whether it's an end of Spring refresh or a late autumn cut and clear out.
Once we have cutback, weeded and cleared the debris we are confident that the results will impress!

Of course we offer other services including fencing, jet washing, soft landscaping, exterior painting etc 
Please contact us for more details.